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Jun 2023
Jun 2023

Terms of reservation



For guaranteed reservations, which are reservations confirmed by a credit card, a bank transfer or cash, the payment is required to cover at least the first day of the stay, and on selected dates – the whole stay, in accordance with the documents received by the Customer from JM Hotel. We hold the room available for the client for the first day, regardless of the time when the client arrives for their stay.



For non-guaranteed reservations, namely reservations confirmed neither by a credit card, nor by a bank transfer, nor by cash, we will hold the room for the Customer until 4.00 p.m. on the arrival date, and the room may be sold thereafter.


Should you cancel a stay for which the guarantee amount has already been paid in, the monies paid are not returnable. In such a situation, JM Hotel may offer the Customer another date at the Customer’s convenience and to meet the Customer’s needs, depending on the availability of rooms.


Of the customer

The Client shall be obliged to pay all or the remaining part of the amount due for the accommodation ordered, on the day when the stay commences, immediately after having arrived at JM Hotel, while checking in. The Hotel reserves the right to demand payment in advance for hotel services ordered. If the Guest refuses, the Receptionist shall be obliged to refuse to hand over the room key. The Receptionist shall have the right to demand that the Guest pay their bill earlier than upon leaving if the amount unpaid by the Guest and due to the Hotel exceeds PLN 1000.

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